r/foodtrucks came through with plenty of advice for one of their truck brethren experiencing issues with their propane regulator, so we decided to summarize the shared Reddit wisdom for our Forwheel family.

At best, it might save you guys a potential headache. At worst, you get to see this awesome gif of Mrs Doubtfire dealing with her own propane dramas!


So, what was the issue?

This truck was using a 4 burner griddle, powered by a propane regulator purchased on Amazon. 2 burners were working just fine, but for some reason the regulator was minimizing the flow to the 3rd and 4th burner when they were also in use!


1. Pick a regulator well above the max capacity needed to run all connected  appliances

Regulators are made to handle a certain max capacity and they will sacrifice output if your appliances goes above that. Find out the max capacity required and find a regulator that can handle well above your max capacity.

How?  Total the BTU's of all the appliances you plan to connect to your propane regulator. Each appliance should tell you it's maximum BTU output (you can use the model number to look it up).

Source: _pounders_

2. Pick a propane shop and stick with them

Local propane shops will stock regulators and should know exactly what you need. It's in their interest to make sure you have a functional regulator, as you'll buy more fuel from them - win, win! Plus, their gas is typically cheaper than uHaul or bottle exchanges.

Source: _pounders_

🙌 And you're supporting another local Small Business!

3. Adjust the regulator to the maximum flow possible

Many regulators have a knob that controls the flow - double check yours is definitely set for full flow

Source: A_Melee_Ensued

4. Measure the pressure where it goes into the appliance

The propane regulator may think there is a leak and is clamping down the pressure. Measure the flow at the point the propane goes into your appliance & see if it matches up with the pressure you're expecting. Your appliances will also have a regulator that pulls down the flow to what the appliance needs. Again, check that flow for leeks.

Source: A_Melee_Ensued

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Fine, this wasn't part of the thread but if you're a food truck and reading this then we need your insight as we strive with technology to build a memorable and accessible experience in the world of food trucks. Tell us your problems and give us feedback on our proposed solutions! Join the movement!

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