Brenden Bishop, Founder

CEO, Tech Lead

Hi, my name is Brenden Bishop, CEO & Founder of Forwheel. I am a software engineer by trade. I started my career as for Morgan Stanley, working on various client facing software products for Web & Mobile. Since college, I have been doing software development, and trying to build entrepreneurial opportunities by using technology to solve common problems.

While working in NYC every day, I was introduced to the wonderful world of food trucks by a colleague of mine. My first meal was with a chicken truck called Yankee Doodle Dandy. I was blown away! This truck launched my interest in food trucks as I set out to discover more and more delicious food. I quickly realized was keeping up with the daily location of trucks was a constant struggle. Some used social media, some didn’t, some tried to stick to schedules, and some were completely random. This made it incredibly difficult to take full advantage of all the wonderful food trucks in NYC.

There was one day after work where I needed to go to meet up with friends for after dinner drinks. As I was leaving work late, I knew wherever I got food beforehand, it had to be quick. I was craving a Connecticut Lobster role from Cousins’ Maine Lobster truck. Occasionally they would be up by my apartment, but a few blocks out of the way of my normal route. If I took the time to walk there and the truck wasn’t there, then I’d really be short on time to find something else to eat. I checked their website and social media and ultimately couldn’t know for sure if it would be there. I made the safe call to just go get Chipotle. I obviously was disappointed and it now hit me…

Why is there no technology service or app built for food trucks? We have a dozen or more apps for the restaurant industry, and yet none for food trucks. I searched and looked for options out there and they were few and far between, riddled with problems around the accuracy of their locations, the user experience, and ultimately the technology itself. I was determined to bring food trucks into the same technology space that diners are accustomed to with restaurants.

Built out of my own love for food trucks and desire to discover more, I started Forwheel. Then through some user research I found that this was an equally shared desire by many others. Everyone I shared the idea with loved it and hoped I could bring it to life. One of those people was Colin. He is a talented Product Owner who I’ve worked with many times and he was so enthusiastic about the idea that I soon realized I had to bring him onboard to ensure it’s success.

My favorite truck is none other than the chicken truck that introduced me to the amazing food that Food Trucks have to offer, Yankee Doodle Dandy! Arguably the best chicken tenders I’ve ever had and an incredible delicious unique sauce called Spirit of 76’. This truck will forever be in my heart and I routinely go there once a week.

Colin Hoare, Co-Founder  

Business Development & Product Manager

Hello! Colin here. Product manager by trade, entrepreneur at heart, with about 10+ years experience designing and delivering digital products within the banking world. For the last 3+years I've been working hand in hand with Brenden and Katie on a few different projects at Morgan Stanley.

My primary focus at Forwheel is to help build a business around Brenden's North Star vision, shaping the product with the team so we can find the often illusive product market fit. Plus 100 other jobs that come with being an early stage founder!

Some months before he pitched and recruited me, we had spent an evening at the bar talking each other through our respective start up ideas. When I got home to my pregnant wife that night, I proceeded to rave to her about this amazing start up idea my colleague had and explained at the time how I was secretly hoping he would ask me to come onboard! This declaration of hope came in handy when Brenden eventually approached me, as I was 2 weeks into my new life as a first time father. The timing was less than convenient but, when I discussed it with my wife she already knew how badly I wanted it and thankfully was supportive.

I wanted to be part of Forwheel because I genuinely believed in the idea, first and foremost.  The other reason for me was the team. If I could have handpicked a team from all the talented people I have worked with in my career to date, Brenden and Katie's name would have been top of the list. I truly believe we have a fighting chance of making Forwheel a resounding success story, that changes the lives of food truck owners and their customers for the better, forever!

My favorite food trucks (plural, I couldn't pick one!) are Taste of Puebla and Crepes and Bakes! John and the guys at Taste of Puebla do the meanest burrito and when I need a sweet fix, I can always rely on Hayk at Crepes and Bakes to scratch that itch with a nutella and banana crepe!

Katie Banks, Co-Founder

Head of User Experience

Hi there, I’m Katie! For the last 7 years I’ve been a UX designer at multiple large banks where I’ve worked to design experiences that make finance less intimidating. My most recent position is how I met Brenden and Colin — and this is when we realized that when we work together it’s the dream team.

At Forwheel, I handle anything design related and also give my 2 cents when it comes to brainstorming features and advocating for our users. I’m currently building out our design system, the flows of the app, and the screens themselves and I’ll also handle any user research we do as well.

When Brenden approached me about being a part of Forwheel I jumped at the chance. For one, it was an exciting new design challenge for me after being in finance so long and I truly love designing for mobile since every pixel counts. But I also was really drawn in by Brenden’s passion for the project. I know that great products get put out when people are passionate about what they’re doing and working with people who feel the same way.

My favorite food truck has to be Thai on Clinton. I’m pretty obsessed with Thai food and they are so fast, so delicious and their portions are massive so I love running out there when I have a break in my day. Their pad kee mao is *chef’s kiss* so I highly recommend you checking them out!

Brianna McCleary

Social Media Manager

Hi, I am Bri! I am an oncology registered nurse by trade that loves to travel and eat. I have been a nurse for 3 years so in my spare time I often found myself documenting and creating memories with others through the use of social media. I guess being the obnoxious one with a camera or phone out has paid off. Coming from a science background, I always told myself in my next life I would work in the social media and marketing industry.

My primary focus at Forwheel is to help promote food trucks and the delicious food they have to offer. With the help of social media, we are able to connect with trucks owners, customers, and businesses on a personal level. I love the power of pictures and how you can almost taste how good these trucks are in our posts. I manage our team’s instagram, facebook, and twitter pages as well as contact food trucks and customers to help set up events. I create weekly posts and engage with food trucks by sharing on our social media pages with their daily locations, weekly schedules, and monthly events. The food truck industry is such an underrated business and I want to use our social media to help create lasting relationships between trucks and their customers. Taking aesthetically pleasing photos and experiencing good food is also a benefit :)

I got into Forwheel on accident. I don’t want to admit it, but I have always looked up to my cousin Brenden, and have admired his work ethic. A couple years ago he asked our family what he should name his app that would deal with food trucks. Then last year at our beach house, we began talking when Brenden pitched the idea to me. He showed me his Forwheel instagram page in which I said “you could use some help.” With his 22 followers and a blurry boomerang video at the time, he told me to take a crack at their instagram and help with posting a few pictures here and there. I fell in love with creating posts for the app and fast forward a year later- I can’t imagine my life without Forwheel (ask anyone because I talk about our app about every single conversation I have).

I wanted to be apart of Forwheel because I wanted to help Brenden as much as I could. I know how hard him and his co-workers work, and I ultimately just wanted to help post cool pictures of food and discover different food trucks. It’s true that when I find trucks that I enjoy, an app would make finding them so much easier. Being a part of Forwheel has also taught me other things that I am so grateful for- such as how startups work, entrepreneurship, creativity, and patience. Katie, Colin, and Brenden are some of the smartest people I know, and to be able to help in this area means so much to me. I am confident that Forwheel will hit the ground running and we already have so much support behind us. Many times I find myself at food truck events and the trucks light up when we mention we are from Forwheel. I’m looking forward to all the opportunities and even better food that Forwheel will help bring.

My favorite type of food truck is an empanada food truck- Wanna Empanda food truck in Westchester, NY to be specific. Before Forwheel I would have never discovered how amazing these food trucks really are and now I crave empanadas all the time!

Together, let's Drive Food Forward! 🚀

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