In the bustling world of food trucks, where culinary delights hit the streets, there's more to success than just crafting mouthwatering dishes. A key ingredient in the recipe for food truck success is the people who make it happen. But how do food truck owners go about hiring the right staff, and is it really as challenging as it's often portrayed?

Competitive Wages: A Must-Have

Let's start with the basics. Competitive wages are an absolute must when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. As evidenced by food truck owners on Reddit, rates can vary, ranging from $16 per hour to an enticing $20 per hour plus tips. It's important to note that regional differences in minimum wage and the overall cost of living play a significant role.

Imagine competing for talent in an area where the minimum wage is $13, while the average restaurant pays $16. Finding the right team members becomes a formidable task. Food truck owners like "Fuck_omelettes_86" have upped the ante by offering $20 per hour plus tips, and it's proven successful.

Benefits and Perks Matter

But it's not just about the paycheck. Benefits and perks can make all the difference. "Fuck_omelettes_86" isn't just paying a higher wage; they're also offering PTO, vacation, insurance, free food, and even shift beers. It's a comprehensive package that turns heads and keeps employees satisfied.

In the words of "cbetsinger," offering $18-$22 per hour plus tips, free food, and drinks still doesn't quite solve the staffing puzzle. It seems that the food truck industry has become fiercely competitive, even when it comes to the benefits package.

Recruitment Strategies That Work

So, how do these food truck owners find their staff in a competitive market? The thread reveals some ingenious recruitment strategies:

  • Utilizing social media, particularly Instagram, to post job opportunities has become a game-changer. "cbetsinger" posted a simple story looking for "happy, helpful, foodies" and received 10 leads in less than two hours.
  • Engaging with potential candidates on social media and assessing their fit through their posts is a new-age approach to hiring. The idea is to find employees who align with the company culture and values.
  • Encouraging staff to refer potential hires is a tried-and-true method. After all, who better to understand the job and its demands than your own team?

Incentives for Performance

One innovative concept from the food truck industry is performance-based incentives. Imagine offering bonuses for selling out of food at events. "cbetsinger" shares that their team gets an additional $20 each if they sell out of food at any event. It might not be a huge sum, but it's "something" that motivates employees to work hard.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Last but not least, creating a positive and enjoyable work environment is paramount. Hiring people who not only excel at their roles but also align with your company's values can make a world of difference. In the end, it's about teamwork and camaraderie that fuel food truck success.


In conclusion, while hiring for food trucks may indeed be a challenging endeavor, it's not insurmountable. Competitive wages, attractive benefits, innovative recruitment strategies, performance-based incentives, and a positive work environment are the key ingredients for success. Food truck owners who strike this balance are not only finding the right team members but also fostering an environment where both employees and customers leave with a smile.

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