The first and only mobile, ghost kitchen in New York, Rollin Ghost is something extraordinary. Offering six unique food concepts, their array of menus make them a great choice for any event or catering needs.

As a ghost kitchen they provide opportunities for local chefs and restaurants to promote their concepts while on the road. The idea behind Rollin Ghost comes from local executive chef Jason Tepper.

Cool but, what is a Ghost Kitchen?

A ghost kitchen is a new concept in the restaurant industry that involves setting up a facility that is solely dedicated to producing virtual brands, or restaurants without a physical location.

Benefits of a Ghost Kitchen

Ghost Kitchens provide kitchen space for rent, allowing entrepreneurs to launch their own virtual brands with minimal overhead costs. They are cost-effective and convenient and allow businesses to focus on creating high-quality food products while avoiding the costs associated with running a traditional restaurant.  

Innovative Food Concepts from Rollin Ghost

As mentioned above, Rollin Ghost comes with 6 different menu concepts, each with a different menu that is sure to wow!

  1. Farm to Truck
  2. Blazed, smoked meats
  3. Rollin Fatties, street tacos and burritos
  4. Not your Malamas Chicken
  5. Sea & Weed
  6. Bite This

1) Farm to Truck

The Farm to Truck concept is a unique and exciting way to enjoy farm-fresh, locally sourced food, from a food truck. This concept is all about supporting local vendors and farms, bringing an array of fresh, high-quality ingredients to your plate.

The menu features a variety of dishes that draw inspiration from different cuisines, including Mexican, American, Southern, and Cuban. There are options for pork, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables, as well as a hot dog and burger. The menu also includes sweet options like waffles, fried balls, and biscuits with strawberries and whipped cream. Overall, this menu offers a diverse range of flavors and textures for customers to enjoy.

Check out the menu here

2) Blazed - Smoked Meats

The Blazed concept reimagines the classic smoke beef barbecue and offers it in a unique, urban street style.

The menu includes a variety of BBQ-inspired eats, such as smoked brisket, pulled pork, habanero sausage, and ribs. Patrons can also grab wings, shrimp and grits, or mac and cheese. There is a delectable sweet dessert choice of fried PB&J cinnamon toast crunch on thick sliced brioche. To sum it up, this menu provides BBQ enthusiasts with hearty dishes that pack tons of smoky flavor.

Check out the menu here

3) Rollin Fatties - Street Tacos & Burritos

Rollin Fatties is a street taco and burrito concept with a definite West Coast vibe.

Each item on the menu (bar the Apple Jack burrito), can be bought as a taco or a burrito. Options include a cilantro lime flank steak taco or burrito, a crispy white fish taco or burrito, a Nashville crispy chicken taco or burrito, a citrus pulled pork taco or burrito, a Korean beef taco or burrito, a local grilled vegetable taco or burrito, and a local apple burrito.

Check out the menu here  

4) Not Your Mamalas Chicken

This concept is gourmet Nashville-style chicken with an urban twist.

The menu includes several fried chicken dishes, such as the Classic Southern Bell, Nashville, Chicken Herb & Waffle, and a delicious Korean option. Other menu items include buttermilk fried chicken tenderloins, fried pickle chips, corn nuggets, crispy shoestring fries tossed with Cajun seasoning (Slap Ya Mama), and deep fried cake batter balls.

Check out the menu here

5) Sea & Weed

This Sea & Weed concept partners & balances fried fish along side raw fish dishes.

The menu features a variety of seafood dishes, including a red chili Po'Boy with fried shrimp, a Poke bowl with marinated local tuna, Dad's ceviche with fresh crab, citrus fruits and chili's,  crispy calamari with orange horseradish, fish & chips with battered orange soda fried fish and a citrus lobster roll with butter-poached lobster on brioche.

Check out the menu here

6) Bite This

This last concept is based around small plates of food perfect for sharing with others.

The food menu includes small plated dishes like a fried chicken and a herb waffle, a triple burger with ground chuck, short rib, and brisket, a Po Boy with crispy cajun shrimp, shoestring fries with smoked pork & cheese sauce, a butter-poached lobster roll, smoked gouda mac & cheese (option to add pulled pork) and a vegan brioche with fried tomato, chefs pickling and sweet chili.

Check out the menu here

The Chef Behind Rollin Ghost - Jason Tepper

Chef Jason Tepper currently owns and operates Rollin Ghost food truck as well as owning six food concepts and catering. Trained in culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, he is best known for his out of the box take on fusion cuisine.

Where to find Rollin Ghost

All things going to plan, come the second half of 2023 you'll be able to easily locate Rollin Ghosts real time location via the Forwheel app. In the mean time, follow them on Instagram or Facebook to see where they'll be week-to-week.

The Art is in Sandwich

In addition to the Rollin Ghost, Chef Tepper also runs a locally owned sandwich shop out of Patchogue New York called 'The Artisan',  offering a delicious selection of sandwiches, sides and salads. Like the Rollin Ghost, all ingredients are locally sourced, including fresh vegetables and house-smoked meats.

We tried and LOVED the Bahn Mi sandwich. This delicious sandwich features tender slices of Vietnamese pork, complemented by creamy mayonnaise and a mix of pickled root vegetables for a tangy crunch. Fresh English cucumber and jalapeno peppers add a refreshing touch, while a generous sprinkle of cilantro brings a burst of herbaceous flavor.

The Artisan is available for catering and comes with great reviews.

Check out the menu here

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